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Liz Figueroa Lenormand Printables

Lenormista Magazine - Past Editions

Lenormista Magazine - Past Editions

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Welcome to Lenormista, the exclusive magazine for students of the Facebook group "Learning and Practicing the Lenormand by Liz Figueroa"!

Since before the year 2020, Lenormista has been a highly valued series of publications for enthusiasts and students of the Lenormand oracle. Our magazine has provided relevant and detailed information related to the world of Lenormand, providing a learning and practice platform for those who wish to delve into this fascinating art of divination.

These 3 editions that we offer are surviving copies of our regular publications. They are true jewels that have withstood the test of time and have become true treasures for those looking to expand their knowledge and develop their skills on the Lenormand.

Each issue of Lenormista is packed with informative articles, practical tips, sample readings, and inspirational content, all carefully selected to provide students with an enriching and rewarding experience.

Do not miss the opportunity to acquire these limited editions of Lenormista. They are valuable additions to your collection of Lenormand resources and are sure to provide you with a new perspective and insights.

We hope you enjoy these special editions of Lenormista. Take advantage of this opportunity and buy them right now!

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