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Charms Reading - PDF

Charms Reading - PDF

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Instant download available! We present the Charms or Charms reading scheme, a fascinating divination practice that is similar to reading bones, snails or tea leaves. This complete scheme covers fundamental topics such as Home, Finances, Family, Spirituality, Labor and Love. In addition, it includes a special section for personal reflection and self-control.

This digital file in A4 format is ready to be downloaded and printed on any home printer. We recommend you laminate or laminate only the back for greater durability. You can also stick it to a wooden tray to keep it permanently and always have it at hand.

This reading scheme has been extensively tested and has received praise from other charm readers, who consider it a practical and accurate divination tool. Each aspect is divided into past, present and future, and is complemented by the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9, which will help you calculate time and deepen your interpretations.

Also, together with the download of the schematic, you will receive an additional-PDF with detailed information about the Charms. This resource will provide you with a deeper understanding of the practice, valuable tips, and techniques for using the Charms effectively.

Take advantage of this opportunity and download your Charms reading PDF file right away! Discover the answers that the charms have to offer you and unlock a new dimension of wisdom and divination in your life.

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